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Our Clients

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Crisis Guardian brings pioneering solutions to old problems. We are an award winning global communications company trusted by some of the world’s top brands to deliver exceptional Preparedness campaigns and training resources.

Why not join some of the world’s leading firms to have benefited from our experience and creativity.

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Global leader in the sporting goods industry

Crisis Management Projects

  • Global Business Continuity (BC) and Crisis Management (CM).
  • Education and awareness campaign wins CIR BC Initiative of the Year.
  • Production of highly successful Crisis Management Playbook for Gold team members.
  • Construction of Olympic Preparation Exercise.
  • Creation of worldwide E-Learning program delivered remotely.
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Global Energy Leader


  • Introduction of consistency in methodology & terminology.
  • Education designed to be relevant to business functions.
  • Targeted to participant needs.
  • Encompassed variance in maturity.
  • Appropriate to culture.
  • Rich, engaging and intuitive education.
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Major Global Financial Services provider


  • On-going relationship since 2008.
  • Projects include:
    • Exercising Toolkits.
    • Business Continuity (BC) Awareness Campaigns.
    • Security Films.
    • Development of unique multi-site Exercise storage and delivery method.
    • Media Cell provision for 24 hour training exercise.
    • Media training.
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International Financial Organization


  • Animated cross-cultural two minute film for busy employees.
  • Clear communication to over 40 nationalities.
  • Drivers:
    • Raise awareness of Business Continuity Management (BCM) messages.
    • Reinforce a commitment to BCM.
    • Demonstrate the resilience of the company.
    • Emphasize the need for personal responsibility.
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