Crisis Guardian hits the Big Apple


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Last month, our CEO, Eric Thompson, completed a four day, whistle-stop tour of New York City. It was an important opportunity for us to plant commercial roots within the resiliency community – meeting a number of Fortune 500 businesses.

How not to handle a crisis, Jurassic style


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Twenty years ago in Jurassic Park, Spielberg showed us exactly how bad things can get when a giant, carnivorous dinosaur escapes its pen. Isn’t it astounding then that exactly the same thing happens in Jurassic World?

Bringing ingenuity to continuity


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At the 2014 BCI World conference, we hosted a gameshow, Dr BC Will See You Now, which, along with being a bit of fun, demonstrated the benefits of using gamification as a training tool in business. Attention spans are so short nowadays, engaging your audience is key when delivering information.