Bringing ingenuity to continuity


At the 2014 BCI World conference, we hosted a gameshow, Dr BC Will See You Now, which, along with being a bit of fun, demonstrated the benefits of using gamification as a training tool in business. Attention spans are so short nowadays, engaging your audience is key when delivering information.

After all, an engaged audience is an attentive audience.

In it's simplest form, gamification involves applying game mechanics and design techniques to engage and motivate people. And it's something that is set to become more and more popular with businesses. It doesn't all have to be online and digital - simple game play can be a great way to revive your recovery procedures or add impact to your analyses. 

Game play such as an spectacular gameshow.

We send our gratitude to the BCI for commissioning us. We are very pleased it was received so well by both the Institute and the visitors. In fact, according to the BCI, "It was absolutely fantastic."

If you would like further information on our gamification techniques and products, you can contact us on 00 44 1572 767745 (UK)  / (312) 981-5014 (US)

Alternatively, watch this space, for more up and coming news and events.


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