Crisis Management

Preparing your crisis management teams increases the effectiveness of your emergency management efforts and readies and educates team members to deal with the unexpected

We create tools and training resources - films, guides and apps - to enable teams to understand their roles and responsibilities in a crisis.

To practice their response, we also produce exercising programs for crisis management teams.

Fire, flood or cyber-attack – whatever your scenario, we’ll produce credible storylines and realistic media to heighten the effectiveness of your exercise.

In addition, we give you the ability to design your own exercises without the need for full service consultancy, providing you with detailed playbooks for exercise managers containing scenario-specific materials and a master scenario events list, showing - step by step - every stage of the incident as it unfolds.


A news bulletin to introduce your storyline? An entire exercise on film? Whatever the scale and scope, we inject realism - giving your exercise credibility and impact

Our scenario-specific training films are a cost effective way for larger organizations to instil consistency across all sites and locations, regionally, nationally, internationally. These can be produced with an on-screen facilitator and off-screen facilitation guide to help keep travel costs low.
By providing a playbook for exercise managers with a detailed resource pack of scenario materials including master events lists (documenting step by step every stage and every aspect of the incident as it unfolds), we enable and empower organizations to take a ‘do – it yourself’ approach to simulations.


We design realistic online news pages with embedded film and audio links to give your exercises credibility.

Our web pages realistically model how an emergency scenario would unfold online in response to participant actions.

Social Media

An essential information source during an incident.

We create dynamic ‘live’ social media feeds that simulate Twitter and Facebook reaction. This enables your teams to explore the pressures created by social networking sites during an incident.


Audio cleverly creates atmosphere and expectation

From simulated radio news programs to recorded phone messages, audio cleverly sets the scene and simulates reality.

Media Simulation

We provide professional journalists to inject a real-life ad-hoc media presence for high-profile or more challenging exercises

Often considered a crucial component of senior management level exercising, this helps team members practice their crisis communications response.


We offer fully-briefed actors playing a variety of roles from journalists to worried relatives and internal stakeholders - to add real value to your exercise

Talented and convincing, actors can make the difference between process and reality, producing more effective content. 

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Whether you’re planning to empower teams with a Business Continuity E-Learning, produce a film on cyber attack, or sharpen crisis management skills, we’ll find out exactly what your message is, develop a communications plan and create the perfect solution - whatever your resiliency education needs.

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