Raising Awareness

We see awareness as the essential first step on the Preparedness lifecycle. This makes us different from other Business Continuity and Preparedness professionals.

We understand the power of communications. By focussing on awareness first, we help organizations gain essential stakeholder and employee commitment to the functions of Business Continuity and Preparedness planning - raising their profile and engaging workforces.

Answering the 'what if' questions smartly using a rich variety of media helps gain trust and develops diligence throughout your organizational community; improving reputation and increasing confidence.


We produce bespoke film and animation to engage your audience and communicate your Preparedness and Business Continuity strategies.

Film has the power to overcome cultural and geographic boundaries and is highly effective in influencing the attitudes and behaviours of viewers.


Raising the visibility of your campaign is a key part of generating awareness. Posters help campaigns stand out; they cement themes, motivate participants, demonstrate commitment and help brand resiliency programs to great effect

High impact imagery and copy in line with brand messages helps generate reaction and discussion and establishes organizational commitment.


E-Learning is a rapid and effective tool in raising organizational awareness. It lends weight to the importance of Preparedness and establishes corporate ownership

Used to assess knowledge levels and reinforce key messages, E-Learning helps organizations track and audit early learning.

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Whether you’re planning to empower teams with Business Continuity E-Learning, produce a film on cyber attack, or sharpen crisis management skills, we’ll find out exactly what your message is, develop a communications plan and create the perfect solution.

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