Specialists in building resilience, confidence and awareness through creative innovation.

Specialists in employee engagement with expertise in risk, cyber awareness and security.

A selection of our resiliency specialisms

Information Security

Our custom training resources cover:

  • In work – sharing best practice on company procedures for secure working
  • At home – highlighting the risks that could jeopardise both work and family security
  • In public – encouraging vigilance and discretion outside of the workplace

Cyber Security

Our custom training resources cover:

  • The risks and threats of attack
  • The motives and methods of attack
  • How to mitigate the risks

Travel Security

Our custom training resources cover:

  • Planning to travel – research, bookings, documentation
  • Travelling to your destination – travel safety programs, medical advice, airport safety
  • At your destination – hotels, phones, insurance, cabs and cash

Armed Attacks

Our custom training resources cover:

  • What to do in an attack
  • How to protect yourself and help others
  • What to expect from the Emergency Services

Business Continuity Management

Our custom training resources cover:

  • Business Impact Analysis and Recovery Strategies – discerning essential resources, including what’s critical and when
  • Business Continuity Plans – documenting response and recovery procedures
  • Testing and exercising – scenario-based exercises to be prepare teams

Crisis Management

Our custom training resources cover:

  • The roles and responsibilities of the crisis team
  • The crisis management principles and program
  • The incident and crisis response team hierarchy

Risk Management

Our custom training resources cover:

  • Risks and threats faced by a companyn
  • How to mitigate those risks
  • Key principles for mitigating risk

Physical Security

Our custom training resources cover:

  • Workplace violence
  • Safety in the workplace: visitor protocols, secure entry controls, ID badges
  • Enterprise Security awareness: understanding the department and how it can help you stay secure
Crisis Guardian shorlisted for CIR Risk Management Awards 2021

Crisis Guardian are nominated for
Risk Management Specialist of the Year.

How strong are you?

Businesses need to be resilient, secure, able to meet challenging situations head-on and still keep moving forward. At Crisis Guardian, we've helped some of the world's biggest businesses to achieve that. We've been doing it for over 20 years and have picked up awards for innovation along the way.

How strong are you?

Your people are your bedrock

To build true resilience, you need to get everyone on board - at every level of the company. We can help you get your people engaged, raise their awareness, inform and train them with our custom creative solutions.

Here's how we help you

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We create custom films, animated and live-action, to capture the imagination and to inspire and inform our learners. To see some samples of our recent films, get in touch.


We create unique presentations to support the facilitation of awareness sessions, onboarding and targeted training. To see some samples of our recent presentations, get in touch.


We create tailored eLearning modules which provide a scalable, effective and measurable means of learning for your employees. To see some samples of our recent eLearning projects, get in touch.

Digital Media

Our informative guides, entertaining books and podcasts are intriguing and diverse, catering to different kinds of learners and helping to embed important information in engaging ways. To see some samples of our recent products, get in touch.


We produce easy to access information in print – guides, storybooks, carry cards, lanyards. To see some samples of our recent print resources, get in touch.

Facilitator Guides

We create custom facilitator's guides which provide clarity, instruction, and support for those running presentations and awareness sessions. To see some samples of our recent guides, get in touch.

Exercise Scenarios

Crisis management exercises to prepare teams on their crisis role and responsibilities, ensuring they are ready to respond. To see some samples of our recent exercises, get in touch.


We produce audio content - from factual programs to entertaining dramas. To hear some samples of our work, get in touch.

Keeping people safe and information secure

We can show your people how to stay safe – at work, at home or on the move. And we can educate them in how to keep the information they work with secure. Physical security and information security are key to a resilient business.

Safe at work

Safe information

Safe travel

Safe at home

We are experts in cyber awareness

It is a growing and ever-changing sector. As specialists, we consult, create and construct creative campaigns that are built around the specific needs of a company.

We build awareness to mitigate risk and educate employees on how to keep themselves and your company secure.
Confronting a crisis

Confronting a crisis

Your people need to be prepared and your teams need to know what's expected of them. We know about Crisis Management and Business Continuity and we can provide everything they need for challenging and totally realistic exercises.

Empowering the entire workforce

A resilient business is one where everyone is aware of the threats a company can face, and knows how to respond. Resilience doesn't just happen – it needs to be built. And Crisis Guardian can help you build it.

We’re trusted by the best

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